Welcome et bienvenue!


I'm a movie director, video editor and camera operator with a wide range of experiences, going from film documentaries, music videos, shorts and institutional films.


I am also  involved in VJaying, live video mix & video mapping.


Well equiped and surronded by other video artists and professionals, I can take care of any specific purchase.





Cameras Full HD, DV, Super 8

Canon 7D, Sony HXR-NX5E,

Canon mv830i, Canon 514 XLS


Lighting and audio

Fillini Led litepanels, studio light LT300

Sennheiser lapel microphone,  MKE-400, 

Shure BG 4.1


Post production studio location

2 editing station : Final Cut Studio Suite.,

After Effetc, Photoshop, HD Video Converter ...  

Live video mixing and mapping

Video Projectors (Full HD, Pico...)

VJ Softwares, Mapping softwares

Resolum Avenue, Modul8,  Millumin




            I love them but I am not a shark !

My rates are         tailored to meet the needs of

                     your budget, complexity, and style.

                  Sliding scale prices according to loyalty, projects,

as the usual...